I used to work for a prominent hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. After I'd been there for a while, I got a big promotion to assistant concierge. My new job demanded a lot of work on my part. While guests often simply asked for recommendations on the best places to go in the city, some asked me to get them reservations or tickets for the restaurants or events that they wished to attend. In this, I was totally outside my element at first. The best shows in Boston were often sold out well in advance, and it was often difficult, if not impossible, to find tickets to the most popular shows in Boston. Over time, however, I developed some very useful contacts. I discovered that cast and crew members of shows in Boston were allotted a certain number of free tickets to use as they pleased. These tickets, if left unclaimed, would be sold for an exorbitant price at the door. However, I was able to make friends with several of the crew members at the most prestigious concert halls and event centers, who often helped me to coordinate with cast and crew members of the shows themselves. I found that with a little persuasion, it was actually fairly easy to find great tickets to the best shows in Boston! Share