My son is very big into BMX bikes and watching stunt riders on TV. We found a bike stunt show that was going to be in our area, so we bought tickets to see the show. We bought the bike stunt show tickets for my son's birthday. We went the day of the show, which was at an inside arena. My son was so surprised and excited to see the show. When the show started, he was on his feet, eyes glued to the arena, watching every single stunt in amazement. They put on a great show, the stunts were over the top and ridiculously crazy. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, as was my husband. The show lasted for about two hours. They were doing big jumps, tricks and had contests among the stunt riders. We clapped for the best stunt rider and the crowd went crazy. It was a really great time and we can't wait till the show is back again, so we can go again. We bought a shirt for my son and a few other novelty items. He said he wants to learn to ride his BMX bike the way the stunt riders do, which makes my chest hurt a little. Share