Art lovers like to fill their homes with images and paintings that make them happy. Sometimes, they prefer to have original paintings rather than reprints in their home. If you fall into this category, the first problem might be finding contemporary abstract paintings for sale. If you're looking for contemporary abstract paintings for sale, there are a few places where art lovers typically have good luck. The good news is that you don't have to travel far to find them. Research art shows or craft fairs in your area. If you find an artist you like, talk to him or her about purchasing some of his or her paintings. Many cities are also encouraging the growth of artist colonies where artists live and work together in one building. Occasionally, they will open their work spaces to the public. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet artists in your community. You might find a piece of art that you love, and it is wonderful to showcase the work of local artists in your home. If neither of these methods help you uncover a contemporary artist that you like, look online. There are plenty of craft websites that showcase original abstract paintings, or you might find someone trying to sell a piece of work that they no longer want. Share