When my fiancé and I began planning our wedding last year, one of the details near the top of our priority list was finding a wedding DJ in NJ. When my best friend got married, she delayed searching for a disc jockey until six weeks before the wedding. As a result, the only disc jockeys that were available were those whose target audience was usually prom students. Her brother-in-law ended up playing the reception music over a set of small speakers that were terribly inadequate for the venue. We learned from my friend's mistake and started interviewing DJs about nine months before our event. That far in advance, all of the best professionals were still available. Because we began searching early for a wedding DJ in NJ, we were able to find several people who had amazing equipment. The DJ we eventually hired even provided a flat-screen television and a video camera that captured our guests on the dance floor throughout the evening. Our DJ also had an extensive playlist that spanned nearly six decades of music. We loved the fact that his wide variety of music appealed to all of our guests, regardless of their generation. He also provided us with a video of previous events he had hosted, which helped us imagine how he would conduct himself at our wedding. Share