The kids had been begging me to take them to the local corn maze in Ipswich. Rumor had it that if you did not get lost, it would take a total of two hours to find your way out. They wanted to beat that record! I was not sure if we could do it and to be honest, I was a little nervous. The kids squealed with delight as we approached the farm. It was a lot bigger than I had imagined! Before entering the corn maze in Ipswich, they gave us a few hints to help us get to the end. All along the paths of the corn maze were markers that would tell you where you were at. You would occasionally run across a sign that would ask you a question. Whatever you thought the answer was to the question, would determine which way you should go. The first question we found was "How often does a hen lay an egg?". I was relieved that we knew the correct answer. We did not end up beating the record but we were able to get to the end before it got dark. It was a lot of fun to work together! Share