For my son's birthday last summer, I hired game truck Orange County to come to our house to entertain six little boys! We moms felt very comfortable knowing that the huge truck was in front of my house, and we knew the boys were safely having their dreams come true. Imagine six little boys in a truck full of their favorite computer games! We felt especially comfortable because some of the dads went in to check things out and ended up staying to play the games themselves! Did I ever surprise my husband for his birthday right after Christmas! I remembered how much fun he and some of the dads had at my son's birthday party, so I arranged for game truck Orange County to come back to our house for a "big boy bash!" My husband thought our friends were just coming for pizza and birthday cake, so he was totally surprised when the game truck arrived at our house. Those grown men acted like silly boys! They had a great time playing the latest computer games and, after the game truck left, we did have pizza, root beer floats and birthday cake. After everybody went home, my husband just held me in his arms and said, "You really got me this time, honey! Thanks for a fabulous birthday, and now I owe you one!" I can't wait to see what that will be! Share